Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Halloween Photos

One of my old shipmates got in touch the other day - coincidently after I posted this. Funny, he is planning a twenty year (or so) reunion in the Spring and is looking for wayward crew. I think the timing is right for a reunion and I hope to be able to attend.

To make matters worse, he used to be the ships photographer, and apparently there still exists celluloid evidence aplenty of our wasted youth.

So...herewith is a small compendium of your tax dollars at work in the '80's. Enjoy. See if you can spot the pensive, baseball-loving blog author in amongst the gallant defenders of our great nation.


Jane said...

I did my own version, but only with the photos of you!!!!

Professor said...

Did you intentionally carve that pumpkin to resemble someone you knew in Little Rock?