Monday, January 26, 2009

The City Museum Workout

<-- Check this out. That H.R. Geiger-inspired apparatus is a network of spiral slides and staircases inside City Museum. It rises eight storeys out of "The Caves". There's only one way to get up there, and only one way to get down. If you want a real of test your fitness, I suggest you round up a couple of second graders and see how many trips to the top you can make with them.

And the trip down? Well now, I won't say the slides are built for small people. Rather, lets say they're the perfect size for the area they occupy, in order to induce blood-curdling screams. Larger people (with sturdy constitutions) have to contort and hold themselves in a half-moon shape, sort of on their side, whilst holding the feet up - but not too far up. Holding the feet too high means bumping a knee cap on the safety cage at speed (yes, I'm sure). Dragging the feet slows the blistering decent in the dark and risks a collision from behind. Mastering the proper sliding form takes only a few tries.

This is by far the most fun to be had - ever - on a snowy Sunday, anywhere. We are lucky to live in St. Louis.


Jane said...

How is your knee today?

Anonymous said...

We hope you had a good time and to see you back again soon.

-City Museum

Sam said...

thanks very much. we always have a great time. I can't wait to get outside on Monstocity!