Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here it is, weighing in at a svelte 17lbs.

We returned from vacation Friday afternoon. I called Maplewood and they told me the bike was ready. Not only that, but they'd scheduled me a 2PM Saturday fitting!

Tim had transferred all the measurements from the Cannondale to the Litespeed before I arrived. The fit took a little tweaking and that was it. I was in-and-out in 30 minutes. I took the bike home, added my Super Sherpa saddle bag and a bottle of water, and I was out the door.

First let me say: HOLY MOLEY!! What a ride! The fit is perfect, and the bike has the cockpit feel of the Roubaix. It's butter-smooth and lively, incredibly fast and almost effortless - just push the pedals and go. It corners on a knife edge, holds a perfect line, has no give under hard effort, and shoots from a stand-still like a bullet. The compact gearing makes all the difference in the world. I've never ridden a bike that climbs like this one.

So am I happy with it? You decide. I'm going for a looooong ride.

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