Sunday, February 8, 2009


You don't get many Saturdays like this in February. Maybe in San Diego, but not in St. Louis. None of us could pass up the 65 degree weather.

Catawissa is here. We started here. Don't ask me how we got from one point to the other because I have no idea. I'm still trying to map the route.

According to the folks with Garmins on their bikes, there is 4000 feet of climbing in the 50 mile loop we rode. I believe it. It was very hilly, very windy, and very fun. And in a testament to the Weekly Workouts, I can proudly say that I was not the lantern rouge on any of the climbs. In fact, I finished all of them either in the middle or the end of the main pack. Quite an accomplishment riding with this group.


Anonymous said...

What group was this, and why don't I know about it. I live right near there and am looking for weekend groups to ride with.

Sam said...

This is the stlcycling meetup group.
More info here:

Next ride: Saturday 2/14 9A. Meet at Lone Wolf Coffee on Clayton Rd. for this route:

Should be right up your alley!